May 9, 2020

Are abnormal addictions unjustifiable?

Max Kyte

Bleach, 2020

There are many known cases of ‘abnormal’ addictions and habits. These include swallowing sharp objects whole, being addicted to paint, and even drinking bleach. Though these addictions are mocked and laughed at across social media, is there a more serious reason to why these people harm themselves without realising the true danger they cause? ‘Bleach’ is a short play which follows a young woman with one of these issues. Through this piece, I argue that these people are driven to such abnormal extremes as a method to cope with a fast growing world. Over population and social media are both rapidly growing at alarmingly loud rates. If somebody of a quiet nature is trapped in a loud world where they cannot stop thinking, what could they do to find peace? In Maeve’s instance, the feeling of bleach on her skin is the only thing to distract her from this forever loud world.