January 19, 2020

Any land left untouched?

Kidd Murray, 25

My most recent body of work questions the impact we have on our surroundings and ways that we manipulate and domesticise nature. Cut trees and trained hedges depict a sharp contrast between their organic movement and beauty, and the control and power we hold over them. This part-destruction transforms the plant, however not destroying it all together, but instead creating a new sculptural form. Countryside farms depict colourful, structural and rectangular shapes, filled with manmade patterns- the aftermath of a machine powered process. I closely observe the design and architectural aspects of outdoor spaces, and it is this narrative of systemisation over a such a complex and autonomous force that I try to communicate through my work. It is vital for us to be reminded of our place on the land we inhibit, and all that nature provides. To be reminded of the intelligence of nature, and the control that it can hold over us, if we don’t loosen our grip.

Any land left untouched?, 2020Oil bars and oil paint on canvas90cm x 90cm