January 13, 2020

An ever changing world, changing for better or for worse?

Kenny Eve, 45

Nothing ever stays the same, yet some places are stuck in time. Communities long forgotten, lives lived but nobody to remember them, yet they must have lived – the progress is there as proof for all to see. Gravestones with chiselled words, not reflective of the struggles of their time. Rivers flow, winds blow – life goes on. Sparking peoples interest in the past is more of a challenge in the 21st Century. Theres so much to look forward to in a high tech, wifi, digital 5G society. People think more about where they’re going rather than where they’ve been or where they’ve come from. Few remain who are willing to highlight how things were – and is anyone listening anyway? Yes, but no.

Kirk O'Shotts c.1870, 2020Mixed Media on Canvas Board40.6" x 50.8"