4B Pencil on 250gsm Cartridge PaperAn Apple a Day, 202254x40cm

An Apple a Day is a pencil portrait I made of fellow artist Miles after we had a lengthy and peculiar post-lockdown conversation about ‘wellness’. We began with a façade of normal and apologies about our ‘apparent strangeness’ before conceding everyone’s a bit strange now. We spoke of how deeply the pandemic affected us; how lucky we feel to be here and able to make work. We settled in to discuss our various beliefs and borderline superstitious approaches to navigating this new landscape. Though our perspectives differ, I was struck by the intensity with which Miles went on a tangent about health and wellbeing. It was his demeanour, he got very lost in his own thoughts. He held an apple as he spoke and I was reminded of the adage ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’… I saw, briefly, how he had spent the past few years; away in his own deeply contemplative world. I was moved to draw this moment, it felt true to Miles’s character. I felt comforted by the fact that, though we disagree on many points, we could connect through the sheer human-ness of conversation. A connection a day keeps the sadness at bay.