October 16, 2020

Am I the political system I come from?

Diana Savova

Acrylic on canvasThe tree of life, 201860x60 cm

When moving to Scotland 9 years ago, it did not feel as a loss of belonging. A new beginning in a new place is an exciting step especially for young person. But are our roots detached from our native land? We all have our roots no matter where we are. Some are shallower others deeper. But they are always inside us carrying the spirit of our ancestors, consciously or not. The sense of belonging increases along the years and the presence of the past becomes an important necessity. With the birth of my son in Scotland, a new story sprouted, intertwined on the new place. New life began as a young tree with old roots. Under the same sky but on different land. Under the sky where the stars are the same as in Bulgaria but it is Scotland. Will my son remember his roots? This is somehow a matter of choice and chance. My past is my memories. Memories of my dad’s precious smile, smell of wood from the old stove and sparkling whiteness of the deepest snow I ever know. What I know for sure is, that I am not the political system I come from.