I often feel more at home within water than on land. My senses are heightened, I am calm and yet excited, I feel more alive than at any other time. The effects of an outdoor swim last long after the swim is finished and bring a calmness and meaning to life. Between swims I am always thinking of the next one, where to go, what to see.
But the actual experience is a temporary one. We cannot live in water.

This film explores the fleeting qualities of an outdoor swim – brief moments of elation and inspiration. I wanted to look at the intensity of the experience but also the temporary nature of it all.

Gach Loch Coire – Means “Each Loch Coire” in Gaelic. Part of my long-term project to swim in each “Loch Coire” – a loch with “coire” in the name, often situated in mountainous or rugged land – and create a piece of art for each swim.


Gach Loch Coire – Loch Coire Atadail