Acrylic And CharcoalAm I my thoughts?, 2020

I have found that by witnessing my thoughts, I can let them go and become an awareness beyond thought.

I find a place of stillness, distant from societies obsession with past and future. Finding stillness has become important to me during Covid. Too many thoughts of past and future prevent acceptance of what is. The picture depicts the constant chatter in my mind. Society teaches us the next moment is more important than the present. The irony is that all we ever have is the present. Above my head a circle of revolving thoughts but in the centre, where the hub is, the sun and moon are together in stillness. The tomb reminds me of impermanence that unites us all and the wisdom to be found in the stillness beyond thought. I find that by creating symbols, I am building a language to describe, explore and echo these observations. The juxtaposition of these symbols allows the picture to talk back to me. I find this can only be achieved if I drop all thoughts of picture making, expectations and ambition. I simply become present. When I am no longer my thoughts, I am everything.