February 4, 2022

Am I Fulfilled by Normal Life?

Al Kelly


This strange and sporadic short film reflects the strange and sporadic life of a young creative. Full of energy that fills the character’s arc as it explores the societal norms that cause misunderstanding, resentment and pain whilst making the world go round. It is more common in London and big cities but from small areas the pressure to find a partner and settle down young rather than chasing far fetched dreams is crushing.

This character is far from perfect, rude to people that don’t deserve it, angry and always getting in trouble. But is at the end of the day human, even if the first human instinct isn’t his first priority. These days with flashing lights in every bedroom an excess of crazy creatives take their talent and shove it on the internet for everyone to see. The ones with stars in their eyes, the ones who will make an impact, the ones who care about nothing else, this is for them.