December 10, 2019

Am I ever going to forget that night ?

Renjini Sujith, 47

16th August 2018, an unforgettable day for the people of Kerala State (South India). They faced the worst flooding in 100 years. Severe floods caused disaster, killing over 483 people. Many went missing, and more than a million people lost their home and belongings. They had to wake up from sleep in the middle of the night and had to run out of the house holding their children. They left everything they loved. Rescue team along with the local people kept working day and night saving lives. There was no electricity anywhere in the affected area. I watched in pain and prayers as I saw a full term pregnant woman in labour was getting lifted by the helicopter. I heard an elderly man crying for help to move his paralysed wife away from his flooded house. We could see a father digging in the yard to pull his daughter’s body off the mud. The most painful days in my life. Sleepless nights.

The Disaster, 2019Oil18inches x 14 inches