January 30, 2020

Am I electric everything, in another realm, spangled now?

Michael Dawson

AcrylicElectric Everything/Another Realm/Spangled Now, 201850 x 50 cm

My painting depicts my inner ‘utopia’, my feelings, my way of being. This utopia exists in the moment and can be created, sustained and carried around with me: a portable utopia in which to reside in. This state is bliss, excitement, energy, curiosity and contentment and is available through positive thought. One doesn’t have to find it externally, nor be dependent upon others to create it. So yes, I am electric everything, in another realm and spangled now. The world is a beautiful place . . . I make vibrant paintings with mixed media (mainly acrylic and oil paint sticks). They often combine expressionistic, graphic, romantic elements that may be ‘outsider’ in style. Some are simple in layout and some are busy and complex but all have an air of the confessional; they are deeply personal. I combine colour and text as an oblique commentary on my life. There are dichotomies that I explore: primitive Vs sophisticated, integration Vs segregation, justice Vs injustice, inner Vs outer experience and real Vs imaginary. There is no clear narrative as I filter and sample on a daily basis. However raw the composition, I strive to bring poetry and aesthetics to the mix.