January 31, 2021

“Am I Destroying The Environment Or Am I Celebrating Its Resilience?”

Yulia Kovanova

Experimental DocumentaryPlastic Man,

Breaking from daily reality, a man transforms into Plastic Man – armed with chemicals and ready to set landscape on fire. Is he the destroyer of Nature, or the voice of its resilience?

Plastic Man is a collaborative documentary between Scotland-based artist and filmmaker Yulia Kovanova, and artist and landscape architect Ross Mclean, created as part of a shared interest in entangling speculative questions about the living world. Plastic Man takes us on a journey through the Scottish landscape.

A celebration of rich temporalities of nature and our own transient presence. A figure of ambiguous intentions, Plastic Man represents our entanglement within the natural world. We live in the Anthropocene, when human activity is the dominant influence on the planet.

Man-made elements are penetrating the earth and our bodies through industrial processes, which become our own fossil layer.

Though we live in it, we are becoming increasingly desensitised to this crisis through information overload. By subverting overly familiar environmental messages through his “acts against Nature”, Plastic Man re-examines ecological crisis.

The film invites audiences to consider our relationship with the living world, drawing relevance to current concerns for the climate and biological diversity, through interaction with the world’s sensuous surface.