PoemSilent face in a bed?, 2021

I am a disabled person who suffers with chronic illness and over the last few years, I have felt completely helpless, hopeless, vulnerable and irrelevant and like my life and my voice does not matter and that it is not heard. However, at the same time the things causing me to feel this way have enraged me so much, that it is creating a tidal wave in my soul that forces me to break down walls in myself, which is fuelling my empowerment to insist I am seen and heard and enables me to believe that I do matter. Somehow, I am holding all this in the same hand at the same time, leading to a powerful conflicting set of emotions which is hard to articulate to others. I wanted to try to convey it in some way as part of my determination to insist that I am seen and heard and felt a reverse poem might work. The photo was taken when I was bed bound, in the desolation and strength of that moment and I hope my piece provokes society, as well as myself, to consider my health communities situation and to discuss the question I pose.