December 22, 2017

Alpha Male

Aurélie Fontan


“Alpha Male” is a fashion/photography project about diversity. Not only for the fashion world, but for society in general, I wanted to advocate for masculine sensitivity, the freedom for men to express themselves and to be in touch with their feelings.
It was inspired by my model for this garment/photoshoot, Sam, who is an art student at ECA and expresses his love for both womenswear and menswear in a really creative way. I designed for him a fashion collection that would enable his fashion taste to show through sensitive menswear (not unisex), and eventually give him the opportunity to truly be himself without compromising.
Beyond Sam, this project is addressed to all men that do not follow the “alpha male” stereotype and want to be accepted for who they are. It aims to deconstruct male body-shaming attitudes that are not very much talked about and affect a lot of young people.