January 30, 2020

Alongside its gift to be made and viewed, can a painting also gift us with a new sense of self?

Judith Hallewell

Watercolour on recycled paper'Self Landscape', 201955 x 50 cm

Over the past few years I have invested much energy reconnecting with the process of painting. I felt a creative gap within me, longing to engage with visual processes again. I’ve spent time reacquainting with materials, exploring their nature. Paper, pigment, brush, water. The purpose is reconnection with my creative energy, finding new ways to be through painting. Reacquaintance developed into process. Organic; allowing pools of watery pigment slowly absorb and become one with the paper that buckles and contours. Intuitive; compelled to mark make or repetitively paint lines like treading a path through the paper. Noticing happenstantial forms, playfully recreating echoes of them as composition emerges. The process orientates toward structure and form but reverberate and drift from the wash and flow of watercolour; appearing vulnerable, simultaneously collapsing and emerging. ‘Self Landscape’ is also about an intuitive process going on within me. Finding my way, translating my own desire creatively; developing a language of painting, a language which I yearn to express myself by. There are diversions, incompatible approaches, mistakes, breakthroughs, higher places. These contradictions find a way, knit together. I long to immerse myself in this painting, caught up in its moment of becoming and of mine.