November 23, 2019

Abstract and Figurative – is it possible to be both?

Bob Davenport

Water based paintsEnd of Winter, 2019122cm by 91cm

Can a painter work in both figurative and abstract? In my career I have swung between figurative drawing (usually with chalk pastel) and large abstract paintings. It is quite a leap from a fine portrait to throwing buckets of paint at board. To me, it’s perfectly natural – I’m not sure that the Art World is so comfortable.

I spoke to a PR Guru a while back who suggested two different CV’s – effectively two different painters and selling myself separately. I am not a commercially successful painter so don’t have to worry about the market – the freedom of disinterest!

So to answer my question – the painter I admire most is Turner – figurative – but I would suggest his loosest of water colours are forerunners of abstraction – the type of organic, landscape based abstraction I am interested in.

My paintings emerge from landscapes experienced. I create a personal world out of paint, suggesting rock, water, soil and weather. The two images are “End of Winter 2019” 122cm x 91cm and “St Abbs 2019” 40cm x 30cm.