May 10, 2017

A Sunless Garden When the Flowers are Dead

Joanna Thomson


This story is, at its core, about the reality of humanity’s supposed ‘unity with nature’. It is a discovery of true passion, as well as a study of human fragility. It is a reflection of the duality and overall complexity of character, and the hypocrisy that ensues. The story questions traditional values and beliefs that transcend from generation to generation and are still, if not more relevant, to post-millennial life. 

This piece attempts to distinguish ‘the natural’ from ‘the societal view of the natural’; in my opinion, this is a viewpoint that, unlike nature itself, is failing to evolve – even in our contemporary world. Through the metaphorical language, you will find continuous reference to the concern of ‘societal restrictions on natural freedoms’. Ultimately, this is a text that highlights the organic nature of human behaviour and, with it, the irony of the obsession to define an ever-evolving concept; as Oscar Wilde said, “To define is to limit.”