October 2, 2016

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

Robert McCormack

Considering the theme of “humanity”  brought my attention to the Refugee crisis, that is dominating the headlines. I was inspired to make this body of work when I saw the Calais Migrant camp from the roadside.

This piece “a stitch in time saves nine” is centred around a makeshift church that was built by the migrants in the Calais camp. For me, the church, which was assembled and then subsequently destroyed, is a symbol of the fragility of migrants lives and a reminder of the human suffering that continues to fester throughout this crisis. Like the church my print is roughly constructed and stitched together.

“A Stitch In Time Saves Nine” is said to mean “that it is better to act or deal with problems immediately, because if you wait and deal with them later, things will get worse and the problems will take longer to deal with” I think that this definition has many parallels with the migrant crisis and asks the viewer to consider the actions of world powers in dealing with this eclectic mix of people who have arrived at Calais from all over the world.

This piece is a photogravure etching with watercolour and stitched together with thread.