October 30, 2019

A society for the many? Or the few?

Colin Burnett, 30

The main purpose of my piece is to shed light and deliver an authentic voice to those who often go unheard in society i.e. the working class. Through this story I have attempted to shed light on the key issues facing society such as poverty and mental health. I took the premise of Robert the Bruce and spider legend and I adapted it to highlight how people can become lost in society and to show the link between poverty and mental health. Something I feel that isn’t spoken enough about either by the politicians or the general population. Also, through my writing I want to show people even though we may feel there isn’t much hope for us to cling onto sometimes in our lives. Hope can be found in the most unlikely of places and we can regain the strength to carry on.

A Working Class State of Mind, 2019Short Story