December 27, 2016

A Reason, To Live

Jon Ip


There are, a lot of weak-willed people in this day and age and the sad thing is, many of them just simply give up. There are a lot of people who are currently just existing – walking aimlessly just for the sake of being alive. However those who are truly living I believe, are those who have found their drive, their passion and their reason to keep on living, whatever that may be.

Those who are living are people who have experienced failures and have placed a mental reminder in their head that things will get better over time – they know life has its up and downs.

My piece describes a typical person who has lost it all and proceeds to fade out of existence however he soon realises life is not worth giving up on and there is an infinite number of things he can achieve in his lifetime – throwing it all away now would be a waste of potential.

You may not have found your reason to keep going yet, but in time you will. You can ask all you want, however only you can find your own reason to live; so what is it you want to do?