June 23, 2022

A Moment of Exuberance

Abigail Osborne

CollageA moment of exuberance, 2022287 x 420

I went to a school in Edinburgh and my class loved to play Kiss cuddle and torture. I was the one who brought in her camera every now and then and after a typical game of Kiss cuddle and torture, I called out everyone to get in the picture… and so everyone did. It was my primary 5 class. In the middle in the white jumper is one of my best friends. He is playing up to the camera but everyone else was just grabbing hold of each other and crowding in. Eating crisps, shoving themselves into the picture, wearing Parkas… all exuberant primary school life is here. This work is important because it is a moment showing friendship. I had a terrible home life full of insecurity, being treated like a pinball between warring and divorced parents. In contrast, school was full of lovely experiences where my love and loyalty were rewarded and I felt seen and appreciated. I didn’t know these kids at high school so I have no bad memories of those people during puberty. This artwork is a love letter to my class.