October 15, 2020

A Glimpse Into The Future?

Gregor Henderson

Spray Paint and Acrylic on PanelNeist Point, 202090cmx90cm

Through a difficult time when people grasped at the positive in a sea of negative, it seemed like the apparent breathing space that a global pandemic allowed nature was a silver lining. Carbon emissions down double digits, crashing oil prices, a social media feed full of clean water, clear satellite captures, wildlife in built up areas and talk of a ‘reset’. As focus shifts to driving the economic recovery that capitalism so desperately craves, the urgency that had personified early 2020’s widespread reawakening of environment awareness has been smothered and pushed to one side. This work is a reconciliation of fundamentally synthetic materials with subject matter which is so wholly natural. A landscape which is monumental and powerful but vulnerable and at risk, seemingly empty and full at the same time. Nature has a way of evolving, adapting and reclaiming space, but unless a long-term green recovery strategy is integral to our response to this pandemic, will it be too late?