October 23, 2016

A Child’s Memoir

Emma Cairns

My entry to the competition is a piece of writing focusing on the value of security.

Security is more vital to us than we commonly believe and appears in all areas of our lives. Personal security, as in how comfortable and happy we feel in situations, plays a constant role in our day to day lives. My piece of writing – A Childs Memoir – is an investigation into the value of security and sense of belonging, trying to work out where those feelings come from. I wanted to explore and write about the roots of the different ways we feel belonging: in family, in friends, in ourselves, in the world and in pastimes. I felt like delving into the past was the best way to discover how we came to be as we are. My memories from growing up, in relation to the five senses – taste, touch, sight, smell and sound – all added pieces to the puzzle of where my sense of security and belonging now comes from. I feel like this is applicable to everyone, in some sense or other, and therefore I attempted to transfer those feelings onto paper.