January 30, 2020

Does an absent parent create a more present you?

Sean Heggie

Fa(r)ther from Home, 2020

The underpinning message of my poem centers on whether a parent leaving us has a positive or negative effect on our development. My dad left when I was young. What became apparent as I grew older was the necessity to callus my mind and use the misery of the situation as fuel rather than fire. There were financial and social woes, but always a resistance to quitting and a desire towards defiance. Growing up with one parent is a frequent occurrence in the lives of many youths, which is what inspired me to share with you this piece from my heart. I write pieces in the hope they will hit home with others and ignite discussion, irrespective of the subject matter. I write about what I see and have felt, and this piece is no different. Its construction comes from a place of pain and trauma, but having the ability to use rhythm and poetry to convey the tunes my heart plays is a nice equalizer for me. If one person were to read this and find resonance in it, I would be extremely proud. I truly believe in this platform and the ethos behind your search. Thank you.