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‘Are We Resistant To Change?’

Molly Arbuthnott

‘How Do We Decide What Is Love Or A Relationship?’

Jane Larner

‘Why Don’t I Dream Anymore?’

Trudy Kalvynaite

‘How Can Prejudice Literally And Figuratively Come A Long Way?’

Shirley Johnson

‘Is My Time Coming Closer?’

Jade Wallace

‘Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?’

Laura Green

‘How Deep Is Your Trench?’

Sammy Fyfe

‘Can You Say “No” to Fast Fashion?’

Laura Tobin

‘How Do We Get Out When Even The Outside Is Burning?’

Trudy Kalvynaite

‘Environmental Thoughts. Where Do You Think? Is It Where You Think Or Where You Go To Think?’

Nick Andrew

‘How Do We Remember Someone Based On What They Leave Behind?’

Sara Robinson

‘Is The Digital World Infiltrating Our Day To Day Life?’

Sophie Pywell