I Sense It Through Touch

I Sense It Through Touch

Zuzanna Salamon

“Do not be astonished if at the beginning they will be afraid of you.” I heard these words when I was helping out in a nursing home for people with disabilities four years ago. The inhabitants of this place had their own worlds in their minds and I was a new element in the community they had called ‘’home’’. Their thoughts, opinions and expressions were blocked by the limitations of their bodies. A lot of them had problems with sight or completely couldn't see at all.  They perceived world through touch and sounds; for them everything consisted of those two senses. In my mind I named the way they moved " the art of touch"; their hands were the instrument which they used to experience the world. Every touch was like a new journey, new acquaintance.  Watching them was like watching a child discovering the world. But unlike us, they did not lose this fascination with time, they did not get used of it, because their whole world was based on it.

I wanted to get to know these people. But to do that I had to learn first how to see the world as they saw it, and open my " private bubble" so they could touch me, and later, trust me. It was a whole new experience. It is a touch that makes us a living creature with feelings.

Why it moved me so much? Because we are losing our fascination with the world, with things that we are experiencing every day. We perceive everything mostly by our sight, that we take for guaranteed. How often do we stop and take a moment to appreciate more the situations of everyday life?