Zoe Bestel

Expanding on the term ‘web of lies’ I felt strongly to write about the current political climate of hate, gas lighting, and pure falsehoods, placing a blame on those ‘Spiders’ creating propaganda using well known newspapers and social medias.

The song depicts a lack of honesty, of kindness, and the ignorant privilege in the world around us today, as shown in the line ‘just set fire to the neighbours poorer than you’.

I wanted to write a protest song that incorporated my feelings towards those in power and show their lack of humanity. I wanted to highlight how we’re being manipulated and controlled. Developing a human urge to seek out the bad, focusing on the negative. This being used against us as we’re blinkered from the truth and being told to direct our anger towards the wrong people.

Music has always been a channel for protest, and after feeling frustrated that as only one person I can’t make a difference, this song is my protest. I felt it important to use my platform as a songwriter to wield that responsibility.


Well done to Zoe who wins January’s Highlight of the Month and £100 for her song and accompanying description.