In Between Space

Zhiliang Jin

In Between Space

My idea is that the ear can be the space between the inner and outer part of a human being, and it is an important organ for humans to accept information from the world. However, it is different from other facial features. For instance, eyes and mouths can be closed and people can hold their breath, whereas the ear is always open to information. 

I produced a large painting expressing how information passes through the eardrum, from outside to the inside. Sea (water) represents the global and all life information. Branches symbolize a network, a fishing network, to capture this information. However, the fishing net is not a panacea; some can be captured, but some do not work. It is like a second language learner but in a different context; there are always words that they do not understand and often miss. I think this is an interesting place in a different context. I painted the shape of the island like an eardrum. It is something between the inside and outside of the ear. In other words, it seems like an exchange place between the human mind and the world. 

In-Between space
Oil on Canvas
1275mm  x 1810mm