Yixin Huang

My work is focused on the balance between complete subconscious, mostly conscious and partially conscious. I exposed myself underneath the anoxic bodysuits. So in that state, the environment made my body appeared a passive fugue symptoms. Fugue is a psychology symptom that I want to express through my own body transition. I chose to use video as the presentation in order to explore the small details – such as facial expressions, body movement and the interference from external materials - which people usually ignore in this anoxic environment.

The most important material that I used within my videos is smoke and colour dye. Colour is a type of materials that is visible and untouchable. When I put the powder into the water, colourful smoke have generally gushed out of the water as clouds. This sense of touch can be understood as a signal of tactile sensory awareness from the brain but under the anoxic environment my body couldn’t follow the dominance from my brain.

The red and blue smoke popularly understood as mystery and cover. Due to these characteristics, I think these smoke are my own sense of security and the shield of my past.