Who are our prehistoric ghosts?

Who are our prehistoric ghosts?'

Rory Peace

This video game was inspired by philosophical leanings in archaeology – phenomenology and extended landscape theory. That would be walking through the landscape and imagining what it may have been like with the cultural ephemera available to us today. Through the lens of each, Trace attempts to explain the influences landscape may have had on the prehistoric person. By placing emphasis on creative-writing, social agency and experiencing the land, Trace aims to question the user on how it is we decipher our collective past.

We exist in fragmented landscapes, with the objects, places and spaces that occupy them already explained to us through social osmosis - their tangibility already predetermined.  Trace is important to me as it serves as a means to give the user some agency whilst surrounded by a world detached from it. Within the forest, every action the user takes recreates the ghost of an individual and their footsteps along a landscape; every part of the video game moves to question the user and envision scenarios of existence. Trace encourages the user to dwell, reimagine and reconnect with that which is hidden from us.

Download Trace at  https://rorypeace.itch.io/trace