What Should I Have For Lunch?

What Should I Have For Lunch?

Rhona Foster

What Should I Have For Lunch?' is part of a project that sets out to explore themes of ethical decision-making and powerlessness in the face of vast and complex environmental issues. 

Paying no attention during a meeting on sustainability in the workplace, a bored office worker is seen drifting off to sleep. We enter her dream. She is fantasising about what to have for lunch, starring as the contestant in a fictional wheel-of-fortune-esque gameshow 'What Should I Have For Lunch?' 

My work considers the absurdity of how great challenges like climate change could translate reductively into our seemingly trivial every-day consumer choices. The video proposes that today's lunch choice is the most immediate and pressing concern of the everyday Western consumer. 

I hosted several workshops with youth groups, adults and children to develop costumes, props and the script for the video. Through public workshops, I aimed to make the work accessible, to engage with local people, and to allow a diverse range of participants to take part in conversations around complex issues.