Varenka on the Icecaps

Varenka on the Icecaps

Catherine Beaumont

Varenka on the Icecaps is an imaginary piece inspired by the incredible human desire for creative freedom. I believe so strongly in art’s capacity to take the creator out of the grime of their everyday existence or trauma, to a sanctuary of magic and stories. Although this sounds child-like, the human desire to create can be traced from the beginning of time, from the very first bison drawn on a cave wall… I feel that this desire for artistic freedom has a therapeutic property which is so valuable to society, and can be utilised to connect people across Scotland and beyond. 

I feel that artistic freedom is a precious gem set in the silver of existence that could unite artists, writers, craftspeople and whole societies with its universal language to make the world a kinder place. 

Catherine Beaumont is the children’s book illustrator of Zod of Zodbury Hall: the Stately Home Dog, now featured on the V&A website. See more of her work at: