True Faith

True Faith

Jack Dunnett

My painting focuses on values prompted in my work by the tradition of Romantic painting, such as humanity, a sense of spirituality, and an affinity with nature. 

In modern society, in an advanced digital age, many of us are lead to self examination and criticism in damaging ways. The constant stream of information we consume through the internet will often lead us to compare ourselves to what we see based on our own insecurities, which then amplifies them, in a concerning cycle. 

The Romantic ideology promoted a spiritual link between humanity, the individual, and nature. This was often depicted in painting by vast, looming spectacular landscapes which consumed tiny human figures within their enormity. 

We often don't get a chance to be overpowered by nature in this way in day to day life. It's presence is overpowered by functionality. My piece aims to show the continued human determination to make that spiritual link to nature in a world which can seem devoid of it. In a society where we are surrounded by our own hang-ups rather than a natural environment, the impetus relies on us seeking that connection in any way we can.

Oil on Board 22 x 16 cm.