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Tosia Bargielowska Johnsen - #metoo


Tosia Bargielowska Johnsen

Amidst most recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein with the skyrocketing number of celebrities accusing him of sexual harassment; and the succeeding storm of the ‘metoo’ hashtags posted on all social media platforms by thousands of women worldwide, more and more people (women and men alike) have been realising the grand scale of the problem associated with victim blaming and the consent culture we are all part of.

Inspired by the courage of so many girls and women who admitted to having been sexually harassed or/and abused, I decided to make a series of digital collages incorporating women from famous paintings (by male artists including e.g. Leonardo da Vinci, Hieronymus Bosch, Johannes Vermeer and Edgar Degas) and the #metoo speech bubbles.

My main motivation for the series was the belief in the power of art to transgress the limits of the current social order by bringing gender equality to every aspect of our lives. For it is not ‘democratic’, ‘liberal’ or ‘just’ - all the notions we so dearly value - to keep in place double standards regarding rape, abuse, violence and discrimination of women. I believe in ‘art as protest’ and please treat my entry as such.