Three Pound Coins

Three Pound Coins

Lara Hirst

Three pound coins melted down and formed into three perfect forms - a cube, a sphere, a pyramid.

I had wanted to take the coin through a transformation in order to explore the very notion of value. For me, it was essential that what existed in the final objects had always been there. Nothing added. Nothing lost.

It had been an idea based upon the grounds of material and perception of value, but I found it to extend beyond art and craftsmanship into the realm of politics, ethics and the history of cultures.

The work was made for exhibiting at my degree show in June 2017 given that there was a limited time in which it could be formed and displayed, and still retain its original meaning and intent. On the 15th October the current pound would have been replaced entirely by the new 12-sided coin and no longer accepted as legal tender. My illegal act, exposing the system of values that we are so tightly locked into would no longer be illegal, and the objects would become either redundant or monumental.