The Strange Girl

The Strange Girl

Eleanor Yates

I originally drew this as a vent for my strong negative feelings at the time, so it's very scratchy and I didn't care much for detail. I feel insecure about the nature of my art and what people assume of me when they see it. Sure, it's not considered pleasant imagery to most, but does art really need to be pleasant?

I want to highlight the importance of broad-mindedness when it comes to the art world. Whether or not an art piece is a nice view of a lake, or something completely opposite, recognise that the artist is doing something they love, whatever the subject matter may be. And just because it's not for you, doesn't mean it's not for anyone else, either.

This can also follow on to the value of "a world of beauty." Art doesn't have to be beautiful in the conventional way; beauty is entirely subjective. Art has many purposes, and the artist decides what their purpose is in the art world: to create art that please others, or themselves. There's no wrong way of doing it. Let's encourage as many different kinds of artists as possible, because diversity is how the art world keeps thriving.