The Pit

The Pit

Leotie Whitelaw

As a depressed, disabled young person on painkillers to control chronic pain, I find myself struggling every day to manage my medication, and walk a fine line between treatment, and abuse. The fear of developing an absolute dependency is always looming, and something I need to be mindful of whenever I take my pills. 

I believe addiction should be tackled from the source, and I've found that in most people - including myself - it stems from being in pain, whether that it is physical, or emotional. Naturally, people want to numb themselves to the stresses of every day life. 

In this comic, with my character, Innes, I wanted to explore the feeling of resigning to that pain. Of giving up the fight and letting it take me; a feeling that I, and too many others (especially in my hometown of Glasgow) know too well.