The Green Heart Of Guyana

The Green Heart Of Guyana

Benjamin Driver

My piece expresses the values of Protecting the environment, a World of Beauty and Responsibility. 

This film is ultimately to educate and inspire those who have never heard of the incredible country of Guyana and to try and showcase the breath-taking wildlife and landscape. The intact forests of Guyana are vast and beautiful, quite unlike any other and through thoughtful cinematography and careful editing I really want to show it off to people who may never have the chance to go there. 

Alongside this unparalleled beauty, I also want to highlight how the country is changing and how paramount the protection of these pristine forests is. It is important to show the people behind the research and the conservation work being done to make sure the forests of Guyana, and in turn the wildlife, remain untouched and safe from development and urbanisation, which could render species we know so little about lost forever. 

To tie together the previous two values, with this film I want to convey that all nations, and more importantly all people, have the responsibility to look after the environments that sustain us.