The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse

Fergus Hall

The Glasshouse was a live, instrumental, performance installation performed and filmed on the 23rd of August 2017. The work explores the sensory experience of standing in the Kibble Palace in Glasgow. 

The piece is written for eleven musicians. A string quintet, piano and vibraphone are placed in the central clearing. From this point the sound is reverberated outwards by the glass dome immediately about the ensemble. In addition to this ensemble, a wind quartet comprising of a trombone, a flute, a clarinet and a tenor saxophone move around the performance space. Their movements are carefully choreographed so that musical material changes and shifts as they move around the space. At times they play together and other times independently. The musicians were obscured form the audience to seem as though the sounds were coming from the plants themselves. 

The work attempts to express the unpredictability of plants that grow and adapt in response to their environment while also reflecting the carefully constructed symmetry of the great steel and glass structure. As the audience were positioned so as to surround the performance space, every listener was given a unique experience as the sounds moved and shifted under the dome of the glasshouse.