The Artsy Vice Show

The Artsy Vice Show

Alice Smith

The Artsy Vice Show is an exercise in do-it-yourself spirit and aesthetics – a variety show that represents and examines the values of self-direction in its visuals, production and content. It is comprised of elements of music, visual art, film, poetry and other kinds of performance, tied together by our uniquely creative approach to editing. 

As the show’s creators and sole stakeholders, we are completely independent. The lack of any budget, while restricting, also means that we are able to, independent from external influences, record not only our pure artistic expression, but that of the artists who feature on the show. As a result, we have been able to pursue original and striking aesthetics using unconventional editing and filming techniques. 

The show was borne out of a combination of creative energy and personal goals, as we have struggled in our early careers to enter into Scotland’s media industry. The show, therefore, is a vehicle of our own creation to gain experience and knowledge of producing, editing and filming for television. In creating the very material that we thought would help us fit into the system, we discovered that creating self-directed work was more enterprising, ingenious and empowering.