Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the Unexpected

Emily Dunlop

I want you to play with me. As you touch the artwork, you discover its many voices. I am intrigued by human interaction and have transferred these to pot plants. The plants whistle, cry, scream and laugh when touched. Also, recently I have developed soundscapes for the installations. I distort pitches, loop and play with the laughing, crying sounds the plants emit to create an ominous environment. 

We marvel at technologies that have become ubiquitous in our lives, yet we do not fully comprehend how they work. This is the black box theory. When we are confronted with systems whose internal mechanisms are not fully open to inspection. The theory can be applied to technology but also human-interactions. The convergence of plants and technology highlights the hybrid ecology of our world, suggesting we should rethink our relationship to the environment. 

My art exists within the feedback loop between object, artist and audience. Playing with our uncertainties in the gallery space and objects of aesthetic desire. Bodies displayed on a classic white plinth, inviting touch. Alive, able to speak for themselves—but only if you ask.