Deceptive Perceptions

Deceptive Perceptions

Susanne Krabbendam

“Deceptive Perceptions” explores the range of human emotions that aren’t always on show. It emphasises the delicate balance between the true emptions we feel inside and the ones we show others.

I used a variety of media to create this collage to emphasise that things aren't always as they seem and to express the multi-faceted nature of human kind.

I first painted my friends faces black and white using face paint and got them to talk about moments and memories that triggered different feelings and emotions. I then printed out a collection of the photos that were taken and painted the background using watercolour. I went over the facial features with pencil to highlight them.

By painting the faces black and white it emphasised the contrast of personality that individuals must constantly battle between every day of their lives. Nothing is as black and white as it seems on the outside. Inside our emotions are far more complex.