(Re)visiting Aesthetics:

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(Re)visiting Aesthetics: A Neoplatonic investigation of transcendental agape and earthly eros in Marsilio Ficino’s De Amore

Stella Sofokleous

This article focuses on Marsilio Ficino’s De Amore as a way to ‘broaden the possibilities for a new voice in the field of Neoplatonic philosophy of art’. This work offers fresh insight into the ways we negotiate our ideas about love, both as individuals and in society as a whole. Ficino’s work is a good point of departure, in that it is ‘a compilation of many different ideas about love’. 

My methodology is composite as I delve into the intricacies of the text, discussing the ‘ethimology of love’ and how meaning is often lost in translation, and I also use contemporary writing on love to further articulate my argument and extract new meaning and food for thought from Ficino.

The article points out a new dimension of the erotic quest: Eros goes beyond imitation, suggesting a between, which is innovative.  Through this analysis, I conclude that the restless erotic quest is far away from being an end as eros is active.

Overall, my aim in this work is to explore the transcendental dimensions of physical beauty in the Ficinian realm system and through this I wish to broaden the possibilities for a refreshing voice in the field of Neoplatonic aesthetics.