Sophie Alex McWhirter

Humans have more in common with the red fox than most realise. We are all alone in this world trying to ensure that we eat, that we sleep and that we look after what matters to us. Humans all have a fear of being hurt, we have to decide who we trust and who we don't. A fox must always be aware of their surroundings, staying distrustful of the unknown for survival reasons. Both humans and foxes are vulnerable, exposed to the world around them, forced to stay wary and alert to remain safe.

All my life I have been fascinated by foxes. I used coloured pencils to draw this vixen keeping watch whilst she rests. Foxes are seen as vermin because they find prey that belongs to humans, they are only trying to survive like every living thing on this earth. These clever animals are found and killed for fun which is absolutely heart-breaking. Their sharp teeth and quick thinking brains are useless defences against guns and hounds.

If only humans stopped to think about what we have in common with animals, we would be a lot kinder to these creatures that share our planet.