Smex Cafe

Smex Cafe

Alex Weir

Smex Café is a playful, interactive installation that incorporates many forms of art ranging from painting, collage and sculpture to music, food and performance. Everything within the café is an artwork in itself– the paintings on the wall, the tables and chairs visitors sat on, the uniform I wore and even the food I served – whilst also being part of this larger installation. 

My initial inspiration for the piece was to reinterpret the traditional gallery space and the entire experience for the visitor, which at times can be cold and mundane, and instead create an enclosed, interactive space that was accessible for all and could bring people together in a celebration of the simple things in everyday life. 

A café is a place everyone visits, a place regularly filled with people eating, drinking and meeting friends. This everyday environment therefore seemed like the perfect choice, so by drawing inspiration from all sorts of cafes and food establishments around Edinburgh I created my own installation that allowed the visitors to experience art in a different and more approachable way whilst also celebrating togetherness, playfulness and enjoyment in life. 

(Documentation by Andrew Perry)