Sensory Nostalgia

Sensory Nostalgia

Phoebe Tan

Sensory Nostalgia is a personal response to the method of stimulating memories using smell and visual recognition of form. 

The traditional and widely recognised form of the atomiser is designed to resonate as a common object in the viewer's memories. For instance, It could have been something which a grandparent had on a shelf in your childhood. Alike to this, a common smell of adventure is muddy pine, which the pine-cone is symbolic of. 

The piece, for most, is a visual stimulant for happy memories and trigger of a sense of well-being and 'wholeness'. 

In essence, the piece is a personal response to a feeling of content and security, but the prominent features and ideas behind it are also common for many people. It would be almost impossible to make an object which encompasses well-being and content in a visual way to everyone. However, through data analysis and research into the psychology of colour, smell and form, Sensory Nostalgia comes close.