Secrets We Cannot See

Secrets We Cannot See

Mhairi Braden

Secrets We Cannot See' is an A5, 32-page coptic bound 3-colour screenprinted Artist's Book. 

This piece is a lament to the loss of knowledge of our ancestors, their beliefs and their rituals. The narrative follows a lone druid who is always just out of sight - a series of questions is asked of them, with no answer to be heard. 

Today we know almost nothing about ancient druids and the rest of their populations as they saw their knowledge to be so precious that it was only to be communicated by word of mouth to trusted individuals, leaving no written record. Over time with infiltrations of their religion, their old knowledge became lost. This book deals with trying to see what they saw, asking what they called themselves, what their beliefs were and how we can achieve the same closeness to the earth that they had. The book also explores the value of oral tradition and asks how we can learn from the remnants of their teachings through today's Seanachaí or Storytellers. 

Book is the chosen form for this piece because of it's intimate nature, for the fact of it being a tactile object to be held in the hand, to turn each page to follow the story and figure out the secrets yourself.