Sam Marx

This short story is about depression and suicide. I wanted to write it from the perspective of someone who has given up hope. This unnamed character has chosen to end their life. I have chosen not to give the character a name, age or gender as this character could be anyone. It could be an elderly man or a teenage girl and we would never know. Mental illness does not discriminate. Anyone can be affected by mental health issues.

In this character’s last thoughts they think back on happy memories and find themselves regretting their actions. They view the world in a distorted way. Choosing to believe that the act of taking your own life is a way of regaining control. They view death as poetic and something of beauty.

Suicide and mental health problems have a deeply ingrained stigma attached to them. To help combat this I decided to write about my own experience with mental health issues. Although I am thankfully still alive, I have been in that dark place where death feels like the only answer. People need to be more aware on the subject so it is easier for those suffering to reach out for help.