Rose Sutherland

I painted this portrait to represent belonging. For me, belonging somewhere is what shapes my identity, my interactions with other people, and my confidence. The gaze in this painting signifies the sense of acceptance and certainty that you gain when feeling comfortable within yourself and your surroundings. The hand gesture, lent against the face, expresses contentment and being at peace with your identity.

Being surrounded by nature is when I feel most at home, and where I belong. Somehow when you are around nature everything comes to a stand-still, and allows you time to reflect. Now living in a city, I find that I can escape even in a glimpse of nature. It takes me back to my hometown, and gives me a feeling that I am safe and secure even when, at times, I feel the exact opposite.

This painting is important to me because it is of my best friend from home, who has always supported me and made me understand the true importance of friendship.

Acrylic, 80x100cm.