Inside Out

Inside Out

Rosanna Dyke

I believe that the human body is the greatest piece of art on our planet. Every detail amazes me, from the minuscule cells with endless variations of colour, shape and texture, to the beautiful structural forms of our bones that hold the body together.  

My design allowed me to deconstruct the human body, and create a wearable representation of what it means to me. People often focus on the beauty of people’s outer appearance without looking deeper. I aimed to turn this preconception ‘inside out’ by creating an exterior inspired by the bones and cells within the body.                                                                                            

I began by developing a structure- a foundation of ‘bones’. I discovered that the internal ‘skeleton’ was essential in creating a design that felt alive and strong. The surface of the skeleton has multiple layers of printed semi-transparent fabric. This fusion of dynamic shapes represents the way that the human form is made up of many facets. These combine to produce one individual. One unique piece of art.

This outcome emphasises the true beauty of our insides, in a way that is unrecognisable to the conventional interpretation of anatomy.