Romy Whyte

Glitch is a video piece made to represent my view on suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety manifests itself in various different ways, mine is usually shown through my difficulty to express any creative ideas as I have an overly irrational fear of judgement.

The movie which is inspired by self-help CD’s shows the issues I have with voicing my thoughts and feelings. This is done through the use of very de-saturated and bland imagery contrasted by glitch, static sounds and images of bright and bold colour which represents my inner thoughts. The majority of the footage contains clips I edited of clear pipes which is used to visualize my brain and its constant changing between blank nothingness and being full of ideas.

The voice over I wrote is done to contrast the ideas places on us by these self-help CD’s ironically making it an almost “self-hate CD”.

The droning noise that constantly plays throughout the video is an anxiety sleep meditation instrumental, I felt this fit well with the theme as well as creating an unsettling vibe to whole piece.

I personally feel Glitch successfully conveyed my intentions of showing anxiety through the eyes of someone who suffers from it daily.